Like most people I’ve always had some level of interest of taking photos from around the areas I’m living or visiting to preserve the moment. This interest has lead me to meet other likeminded individuals that helped encourage this interest into a refined skill in how to best capture the moment. This has been a pretty good hobby for me which has pushed me to visit more and more location that I would have otherwise passed up in my travels in the Army. Only over the course of time did I really start to appreciate the great memories photography has allowed me to capture in digital stills. Time and places like seeing the early summer morning overlooking the serene Mount Saint Helens or the long hikes into Washington’s Olympic Mountains.

Memories like the long walk under the old pine forest with the warm smells of old pine needle paths on an early morning that eventually ended at the rushing waterfall of Mashel Falls. These are opportunities that I am glad to have had taken and have no doubt that it was the pursuit of the best scene to capture that drove me to reach for these destinations.

I look through all the years of photos shared on my Flickr stream (something I will need to start moving on over to this site) and can tell there is a difference in tastes from when I was starting with the little Canon Powershot camera versus the times spent with the 5D. While the Powershot isn’t around anymore I still have and use both the Canon 7D and 5D to get out and shoot with. Something I heard often is every photographer has their own unique way of capturing the moment, while I’m not sure I have any one trademark to call my own I do like the challenge of trying any style or technique at least once.

While there has been quite a bit of opportunities to get out to remote locations while in the Army I eventually moved on to other career paths that while great in lining up with my professional skillsets, made it slightly less easy to cut out into the outback as before. Now I plan on making the plans on getting back in the hobby that allowed me to capture such great scenes from around the areas I lived and loved. While my career has changed I still hold the same interests in perfecting my hobby and keeping an open eye on what can be done to capture that perfect scene.

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