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Wind turbines overlooking Tri-Cities

Working out the balance between work and getting out to see the area is a bit of a challenge for me in the recent months.  The winter months and the 3 month rotations into the graveyard shift pretty much limited me to just hanging out around the home and workplace.  Thankfully the cold grips of winter is letting up affording me more chances to get out and hopefully start enjoying my hobby of photography!

Something entirely new to me, and in my opinion long over due, I finally found the time to learn how to ride a motorcycle.  Shortly after passing the MSF course and getting the "M" added to my license I was lucky enough to find a Craigslist posting for a awesome Suzuki V-Strom 650 right in Kennewick.  Originally I was doubtful that I would find any good bikes in the Tri-Cities area and that I may have to travel all the way over the Seattle area before any good deals would show.  Then one night while working I ran the same local search on Craigslist and this beauty showed up and I quickly started working to get into contact with the owner and see if it is in as good of a shape as it looked in the posting. 

It wasn't too long afterwards that I was going through a little shopping for all of the protective gear to help make sure I safely get to around Washington and Oregon on my new ride.  Once the I was ready and the weather was warm and dry enough to permit it I was started getting out to the local areas with the camera and the help of the new bike, aka Roxanne.

Motorcycle overlooking the wind turbines

Motorcycle overlooking the wind turbines

One of the first photo trips I went out on was over to the hills were I've been eyeing those awesome looking wind turbines everyday I go over to work.  Being on a night schedule already it wasn't to much of a challenge getting out the door at 6 in the morning since I was already up and hanging around the house versus the times on a normal schedule where I would be fighting to get out of bed at the crack of dawn.  There are some benefits, however small, on being on a night schedule which makes me wonder how often I will be getting up at decent time to get more morning photos from around the area.    

Hitting the road and feeling the morning breeze as I ride on through the suburban roads was pretty decent, I even got in some good practice shifting though the gears as I made my way around the roundabouts and stop signs.  It wasn't until I reached the gravel road that led all the away to where the turbines were that I started to feel a bit concerned over my ability to navigate the bike that was equipped with road tires.  Was basically riding in second/third gear for the next 3.5 miles till I found the hill overlooking both the Tri-Cities and the wind turbines. 

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